12 December 2015

Aiden | Six Months Old

I am always amazed at how quickly the first year with a baby goes by and this time is no different. Already half of a year down with this little man. It's crazy how six months of pregnancy feels like for-EVER but six months with a baby is just a blink. So I am making an effort to document his monthly details and photos so I remember to put them in our yearly blog photo album.

Aiden has turned into our smiley, squeely, squeaky, rolly-polly little man!
A few facts about our boy:

- Weighed 15.7 lbs at his six month check up (15th percentile for weight and 50th for height).
- Has lightly started eating some solid foods (basically when his mom isn't lazy about it!).
- Drinks 6-7 oz bottles about every 3 hours
- Solid bedtime of 7 pm ... waking 1-2 times for a bottle in the night. Probably need to start some sleep-training and get him more solidly on solids!
- Adores and loves his big sisters - nobody makes him laugh like they do.
- Adored and loved by his big sisters - nobody makes them smile like he does.
- Rolling all over the place and sitting with assistance
- Great fine motor skills and head control (he is officially "hipable").
- Super happy little guy and no signs of stranger anxiety yet

Here are some of our favorite six month photos!

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Kate said...

I can't believe I hardly know this little guy -- what a cutie! Hope 12/23 works out for us to see each other!