07 May 2016

Mara and Friends

Mara has gotten to play with some of her favorite friends lately!
Jami came over one afternoon this week to help me as I recover from my surgery.
It was great to get to spend some extra time with her and the kids and I feel so thankful to have such a great friend!!

Mara and Ryan have been good buddies since, literally, they were BORN! Their birthdays are only two weeks apart (they were supposed to be born a month apart but Ryan decided to torture Jami and stay in utero an extra two weeks... it's funny now but at the time... Jami DID NOT think it was funny, ha!).

Mackay is one of my favorite kids - he is so sweet and cute!!

Heidi and Brian were over a few weeks ago and Mara had so much fun playing with Livi.
These two are nothin' but CUTE in their hats! :)
 And last but not least, Miss Kenzie spent a day with us in April and I took the girls to the Bouncy Place - they had so much fun together!!
 Love this kid!

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