17 May 2016

Soccer Girls

Kennedy and Mara both played soccer this spring. It was Kennedy's second season playing and Mara's first. Each of them had two practices a week and a Saturday morning game so for the past couple months, we have had soccer practices four evenings a week (yikes!) and a full morning of soccer games on the weekend. I am definitely ready for a little break!

 Kennedy played with the same group of girls she played with last Fall and had such a great season. The progress she has made in two seasons is unbelievable. She's a hard little worker and she puts in so much effort. She's aggressive and gets in there and made a very exciting four goals at one of the games (of course, the one I missed). It's been a lot of fun to watch! We also really enjoyed the other parents on her team and felt fortunate that her first soccer experience was such a positive one. We are looking forward to another season in the Fall!

Miss Mara was also on a great team and was thrilled when we found out one of her friends from preschool (Bailey) would also be on her team! We're not exactly sure what Mara's future with soccer will be (given that she asks the coach for breaks about every 5 minutes during games) but I am happy that, after we literally shoved her onto the field, she gave it a try! Her resistance was a nice parenting exercise for Sean and I.... it was also a nice exercise in patience (or flaring tempers, however you want to view it!! :). We both agreed she had to finish the season and at least get out on the field and try and I am hoping we got that lesson across to her. This is just one of the many great life lessons that team sports teach kids and it is why I am hoping the girls will each find a sport they enjoy playing.

Despite Mara's lack of interest in the game, she sure looked the part!!
Atta girl.

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