08 June 2016

Island Time - Memorial Day Weekend

We spent an impromptu weekend at Anderson Island with the Williams' family over Memorial Day weekend. We were supposed to go to the Olympics but decided to postpone that trip for a few different reasons. We enjoyed such a laid-back, relaxing weekend with one of our very favorite families. We missed two ferries trying to get to the Island - one because it was too full and one because my car battery died in the ferry line (cue stress and a few f-bombs!).

We eventually made it though and it was well worth the effort. As usual, our weekend was filled with lots of laughs, too much food, leisurely beach walks, bonfires, movies, afternoon beers, watercolors, trips to the store and coffee shop and endless time playing outside.

Our four girls play really well together and I love the memories they are making together!

We love having Heather Feather with us now, too!

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