10 June 2016

Aiden is ONE!

Birthdays always get me. Not mine. My kids'. I feel more emotionally connected and affected by their birthdays than I ever do my own. I guess this is because, you know, I brought them into the world. :)

Every year, on each of their birthdays, I find myself thinking about their particular pregnancy and their particular labor and delivery. I think back to those first few moments, days and weeks with each of them. I think about what they were like as a baby and I try as hard as I can to actually remember them as a baby.. it's amazing how those memories are so fleeting. So I torture myself with old, adorable photos and get all sentimental about it and think to myself I can't believe how fast it's going (you know, like every other mother in the world... I am such a cliché). Not remembering certain details is natures way, I believe, of protecting our hearts from the fact that those babies we loved so much are gone. But they are replaced by something just as fantastic... different, but fantastic. So it's all good.

Aiden is one. My rainbow baby boy is one. The first year always goes fast but this year really flew by. God, I loved it. I have really enjoyed him. Soaked him up. I knew how fast it would go and it did. The teeny tiny baby boy we brought home is gone. He's been replaced by an active, happy, looks-to-small to be walking BOY. He's so wonderful that I almost forget the little baby that slept on my chest just one year ago. Almost.

My desire to throw big parties has waned. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing but it is what it is. So we didn't have a big, huge, fancy invitation first birthday party for Aiden. I think that's just fine because the most important thing is that we celebrate and acknowledge our kids' birthday - in whatever way we want to. And that we did. His birthday landed on a Thursday so we celebrated on Thursday. We BBQ'd burgers and dogs for a few of his grandparents and a few of his aunts and uncles and a few of his cousins. In the end, it was crazy and chaotic anyways but that's ok. It's not a bad problem to have. Our boy was loved and celebrated and he ate cake and got messy and we took pictures and it was all good. Great, actually.

This kid rang in his first birthday walking all over and with two teeth on the bottom and a whopping four coming in on the top. He's officially our earliest walker and teether. His one year check up confirmed his small (just like his sisters) size. He weighed in at just under 20 lbs (15th percentile for height and weight). And just like his sisters, he is small but mighty. And he's happy. Just dang happy.

Happy birthday my Misterhead. You're a pleasure and a joy to everyone. We love you so much.

A slew of photos of our guy from his 11th and 12th months.

These photos with the eleven month sticker crack me up. He's like, "you know I am going to eat this in like two seconds, right?"

On a side note - I made it the whole damn year taking monthly photos with these stickers (the only kid of mine that has these, I should mention) and now I can't find the 12-month one. So typical.

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