21 June 2016

Father's Day '16

So we spent Father's Day eating. No seriously.

Our day began with a bright and early 8:15 am brunch reservation at Salty's (if you have children, you can imagine the shit-show it was trying to get all five of us out of the house by 8 am). But this is Sean's favorite Father's Day Tradition and since we have been doing it since... well, last year... we are going to keep it up! And I have to admit, it is delicious. Cue, the eating.

After gorging ourselves on their all you can eat brunch (and feeding Aiden a ridiculous amount of pretzels and cookies so he would sit in the high chair), we left the restaurant and drove to Seattle to catch the Argosy cruise to Blake Island at 11:30!

While I grabbed a last minute coffee before the boat left, Sean took the kids to the candy shop (more eating) so we could properly fuel them up on sugar before enclosing them on a boat with 300 other people.

Once we got to the Island, we enjoyed some clams and a couple of raccoons roaming around. Then it was time to... you got it, eat again. This time we enjoyed a lovely salmon lunch and after a lengthy discussion trying to figure out how to position our ginormous jogging stroller next to the table... a glass of wine for me and a beer for Sean. Aiden took a little nap while we ate our lunch (the most relaxing 12 minutes of my day) but he was up again in time for the Native American show and history lesson.

After the show, we hit up the bathroom, took a few photos and then it was time to catch the boat back to Seattle! Upon arriving back in Seattle, we decided a large ice cream cone sounded awesome so we all got waffle cones (p.s. butter pecan ice cream is the bomb) and sat on the waterfront and people-watched (probably the best part of my day... Seattle is amazing).

All in all it was a fun, eventful, gluttonous day with my little fam bam. It's always fun to celebrate our favorite guy and do some of his favorite things (one of these things apparently being eating which is also a favorite of mine and undoubtedly one of the reasons we make such a great team). We love you Sean!!!

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