21 June 2016

Mara's Pre-K Graduation

When I was eight months pregnant with Aiden, I made the decision to leave our beloved Co-Op preschool and have Mara go to St. Lukes for the following school year (this year) - a drop off preschool and much closer to our house. I knew that with three kids, driving to the co-op a few times a week would feel like too much. It was a tough decision at the time though because I love the Co-op and all the great friends I have made there. As it turned out, it was a GREAT decision and such a fun place for Mara to finish off her preschool years. Though change can be tough sometimes, so many great things can come of it and this experience was a great reminder of that.

We walk away from her last year of preschool with fun memories and new friends and there's not much better than that.We celebrated her graduation from Pre-K last week and it was such a fun evening. She looked so cute in her little cap and all the kids sang songs.

I am excited for our Mara-girl as she heads to Kindergarten this fall. She's ready.

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