29 July 2016

Mara LeeAnn is FIVE!

July has been a whirlwind month for our family! I am finally sitting down to upload photos and catch up on a little blogging. I realized I didn't write about Mara's 5th birthday party at the end of June which was so fun.

We celebrated on the Sunday before her birthday at Dash Pt State Park. She was surrounded by friends and family and the weather was beautiful. The kids played in the sand and on the big toy and we were able to have a piƱata (her one and only birthday request!).

Her actual birthday fell on a Tuesday so the kids and I met up with Margaret and Jack at the Point Defiance Zoo. It's such a great zoo - not as big and overwhelming as Woodland. I let the girls ride the camel and get their faces painted. We celebrated that evening with leftover birthday cake and her gift from us... a new bike! We definitely celebrated the big FIVE for our girl. I am excited to see where this year will take her - she's off to Kindergarten this fall to make new friends and experience new things!

I love you Mara LeeAnn. You are my special, sweet, snuggly girl. Five years went too fast.
Happy Birthday baby!

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