03 August 2016

Fourth of July Weekend - Island Style

Spending fourth of July weekend on Anderson Island has become our tradition and it is a beautiful one. What a special place that Island is for us. We had a big group out there this year - lots of family and I love that the Williams' have become part of our tradition there, too.

Favorite moments from this trip -
* Nightly bonfires
* Morning walks with Aiden and Cooper
* A kid and husband free lunch date with my best friend at the island café.
* Watching fireworks from the deck snuggled under a blanket with my girls.
* Sitting in the sun at the swimming hole.
* Hearing Roderick yell "You scared the HELL out of me, Mom!"
* Moscow mule drinking
* Lots of Music
* Lots of little girl French braids

Least Favorite Moment:
* Having a glow stick break and explode right into my eye causing a nice chemical reaction that I had to flush out for a half hour. Glow sticks are dangerous, people. Very dangerous.

I will let the photos tell the rest of the story...

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