23 August 2016

Aiden Sean | 14 Months

I haven't blogged about this guy in a few months. He's changing so much - literally by the day. He might be the happiest kid I have ever met. And the most curious. And the busiest. Probably not - but it feels that way!

At 14 months, he's so snuggly. And turning into such a mama's boy.
He says a few words - mama, dada, Cooper .... and the most frequent word... yeah. He answers yeah to everything and anything which we think is so funny.

He dances like a champ.
He loves his sisters.
He loves to wander and run... and fall.
He has 10 teeth (last time I checked).
He loves to eat and has only one bottle a day now (in the evening).

He weighs 20 lbs and wears 12-18 month clothes and size 5 shoes.

He is left-handed.
He has the best hair.
He looks so much like his oldest sister that it freaks me out.

God we love him. We just really love him.

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