29 August 2016

K and 2

My sweet girls started school today entering kindergarten and second grade, respectively.
I am not typically a super, sappy mama but there are a few, certain things and moments on this journey of parenthood that have really tugged hard at my heartstrings and turn me into the sappiest of sappy moms. Today was one of them. Sending both my girls off to full-time school felt like a big milestone, a big transition for our family. Kennedy has been in full-day school now for two years but having them both enter this next phase really hit me. It's so cliché to say but my God, it really has gone so fast. And my mama heart knows it will continue to go so fast and that college... though far away... really isn't. I felt acutely aware today of the fact that these chicks will eventually fly our nest and that their school life and the relationships they form now will be a huge part of all of that. It's so sweet and wonderful to watch and I truly feel so privileged and honored to be their mama and to see where their lives will take them. Ok, putting down my Kleenex now.

They love going to school with their cousins and it was fun doing a little McKenna/Harvie pre-school photo shoot this morning. Mara and McKenna are actually in the same kindergarten class which is so cool for them.

I had been pretty on the fence about sending Mara to kindergarten but I think my gut was right in sending her as she had no qualms at all about going and was happy as could be in her new classroom. It made me feel so relieved and happy.

Wishing these girls of mine a wonderful school year!

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