01 September 2016

Mara and Skippy

I have discovered that having two girls (and maybe this is true with any same-sex siblings) so close in age sometimes causes the younger one to often feel inadequate. Because Kennedy is older, she catches on to things quicker and I think Mara often feels second-rate. They both played soccer last spring and Kennedy really took off with it ... Mara not so much. Kennedy has learned to read and Mara is just learning letters and sounds. They both play piano but Kennedy's hands are bigger and she can read so it is coming easier to her. The list goes on and on. This has kept me up at night as I want Mara to feel successful and valued in what she is doing as well.

So, I signed her up for horseback riding lessons. She expressed an interest in doing it and I jumped on that. She loves it. It's her own thing. She now knows how to do things that her sister doesn't and she feel so proud. Kennedy came with us to her last lesson and Mara loved showing her sister how she saddles and cleans the horseshoes and all the other things she has learned about riding so far. It was really fun and heartwarming to see.

Mara has a weekly lesson with Skippy (doesn't that name just make you smile?). Skippy is twelve and lets just say... doesn't have much of a skip in his step (which makes his name that much more amazing). He's a perfect learning horse for her.

I am a huge horse-lover myself so I have to calm my inner self because I am so excited one of my kids may share this love with me (that said, I don't want to be one of those crazy dance moms... but with horses). :)

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