08 August 2010

Bryan + Jeanne

We had such a fun weekend! Sean was the best man in his friend Bryan's wedding. Sean and Bryan have been friends since 2nd grade! Bryan and Jeanne got married at Willows Lodge in Woodinville on Saturday and had their rehearsal dinner at a nearby winery on Friday. My mom was nice enough to watch Kennedy both nights for us- thanks Mom!!!

Here are a few photos from the rehearsal dinner... we were even able to take a tour of the winery which was so cool!

Bryan and Jeanne gave Sean a great bottle of scotch as a gift. See the blue thing tied around the top? That is my garter, from my wedding! Bryan caught it at our wedding and saved it this entire time just so he could attach it to Sean's gift when he got married- how sweet is that?

Jeanne and her mom did a beautiful job decorating the reception area.
Each table was named after a place and the centerpieces were beautiful and so unique!

the happy couple

Bryan works for Felt bicycles and is an avid cyclist.
He had a tandem bike made for he and Jeanne that said Just Married :)

Sean giving his best man speech- as always, he did an awesome job.
This is the fourth speech I have seen him give and he does a great job each time!
I am always so proud of him.

Congratulations Bryan and Jeanne! You are a great couple and we wish you all the happiness in the world!

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