02 August 2010

Rachael's Bachelorette Party Weekend

We celebrated Rachael's bachelorette party this weekend! Rachael is not only my cousin and childhood playmate but she is my dear friend too! Her matron of honor, Jenny, planned a fantastic weekend with a great group of girls. Here are a few highlights!

Friday night kickoff at Kell's Bar in Pike place... then we went for pizza and more beer... love it!

Saturday morning mani's and pedi's at Frenchy's (Rachael's favorite spa!)

And, our big Saturday night on the town! Rachael dressed in white and we dressed in black. We went to the Black Bottle for dinner, and then had a little party back at the hotel suite. There were many inappropriate games played and many inappropriate gifts given.... and way too much side-splitting laughter ( I think I will refrain from posting some of those pics!) 

Lets just say... I think Rachael's honeymoon attire (or lack thereof) is properly taken care of! And, her fiancee Bob, will be one happy man! LOL

Our young, hip, cool mama's!

I snapped this photo of Rachael with her college girlfriends (here is that side-splitting laughter I mentioned earlier!)

Rachael's mom (yes, her mom) got her this little camo bikini (FYI: her fiancee, Bob, is an avid hunter).

We did head out to a couple of bars after our hotel party but I forgot my camera :(
Here is a photo of Rachael on Sunday morning at the post-bachelorette bridal shower brunch we had.

What a fun, fun weekend! Rachael is blessed with many wonderful girlfriends and I had a blast hanging out with all of them! Can't wait for the wedding (in exactly one month! Yipee!).

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