29 March 2012

Dear Mara... at 9 Months

Dear Mara,
Well... you were nine months IN and now you are nine months OUT... of my body, that is.
My pregnancy with you creeeeeped by but the past nine months have FLOWN by. Funny how that works.
We had your nine month check up today and thanks to your sister, it was a very exciting one.
She informed Dr. Ory that... and I quote, "My daddy has a wee-wee."
While I about died of embarrassment, she quickly redeemed herself upon learning that you would get a shot  and promptly burst into tears just at the thought of someone hurting you.
Not just mini-tears but HUGE, crocodile tears. And sobs. She told the nurse over and over and over again... "do not hurt my sister." It was very sweet and proves to us that she does love you dearly (even though she frequently tries to lay on top of you).

OK, enough about her.

Oh Mara... I could not love you more if I tried.
Your smile absolutely melts my heart and your new little tooth completes the look.
You are still waking up once a night for a little snack... we should probably end this soon but I don't mind too much. You love your pacifier...not surprising. That seems to be a trend in our family. Just ask your three year old sister who still HAS HERS.

You are my snuggle bunny and I love your laugh.
You are one HAPPY girl.
Just like the rest of us... you love to eat which is why it was surprising to learn that you are below the tenth percentile for weight (15 lbs, 14 oz) and you have only gained 2 oz since your 6 month check-up.
Looks like we need to lay of the finger foods and get some more formula in you.
Some fatty breast milk would probably do you good but I'm long out of that.

Looks like you and your sister may be about the same height given your almost identical 9-month STATS.
You are going to crawl soon... you get up on all fours and rock back and forth. I'm not really ready for you to crawl so every time you do this, I have to resist the urge to push you over. I do resist though, obviously, and soon enough you will be on your way. And I will be digging out baby gates and electric socket plugs.

You are perfectly you and amazingly ours... 
Hugs and Kisses my baby girl!

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