08 March 2012

Major Milestone

We are proud to announce that our girl will not go off to college still peeing her pants...
That's right, we have a potty-trained child. 
I am so proud of her.... and quite frankly, us. 

Um... Hi Sean.

And meet the newest addition to our family.... baby.
She doesn't have an official name... it varies from day to day. One day, she had 6 names.
Whatever her name may be, her mommy loves her.
She won't sleep without her, she won't ride in the car without her.
She feeds her, changes her and dresses her.
 And she kisses her and hugs her and loves her much like I do my girls.
I have to remember just how closely she watches and learns from me...

1 comment:

Amy said...

Oh look at her in her cute little jeans smiling like this! Ummm, by the way, her baby is named Amy. She told me so. :-)