20 March 2012

Just For a Second...

Just for a second, I am going to whine about being a stay at home mom.
It's hard. Really hard. 
Not hard in that I have a headache at the end of the day because I am mentally exhausted from using my brain for exciting, earth-shattering things, but hard in that I have a headache at the end of the day because I banged it against the wall 10 times. 

I banged my head against the wall once for every time I: 
 - changed a diaper 
 - wiped a face
 - did a dish 
 - cleaned the floor 
 - picked up toys
 - put in a load of laundry 
 - folded a piece of laundry 
 - cleaned the floor 
 - picked up toys 
 - made a bottle 
 - made breakfast 
 - cleaned the floor 
 - made a snack 
 - made lunch 
 - cleaned the floor 
 - picked up toys 
 - put a kid down for a nap and breathed a sigh of relief .. right before the other one woke up 
 - made dinner 
 - cleaned the floor
 - picked up toys 

The moral of this story is: 
1) I need to get an area rug for my hardwood floors. They are killing me. 
2) I need to start making my kid pick up her own damn toys. 

Some days are just like this.
Particularly when your husband travels for work and you haven't had a break in two days ...
with one more still to go. 

Some days I miss teaching... a lot. 
But then I make myself think of the days when I wanted to bang my head against my classroom door because being in charge of twenty-some second graders ain't all that easy EITHER! 

So, we take the good with the bad. And most days... are good and usually...  great.
I do all of this for them... and me ... and I don't take it for granted... I will never, ever regret this time. 
And I know that. 
I just need to get a damn area rug. 
And the sun. 

The highlight of my day: bedroom sunlight on my girls (albeit, brief)

1 comment:

Amy said...

LOL!!! I feel you here. We have the SAME floors... same problem. And you know how I feel about staying home with the kids. ITS GREAT but so very exhausting. And we don't use our brain very much "Amber Riley?" LOL. But you said it best. You will NEVER regret this time with the kids. We both know how fast it goes. Mara is looking so much older to me these days and she is the baby of the family. Thats it. Time for #3. Now get on it! :-)