12 June 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter(s)

People are constantly commenting on the resemblance between Mara and I so it was pretty fun to see a few baby pictures of myself that my mom had recently come across. The resemblance really is pretty amazing!

Me at 6 weeks old 

Mara at 2 weeks old 

Me at 9 months 

Mara at 9 Months 

Kennedy's features more strongly resemble Sean but there are quite a few people (most who knew me as a little girl) who comment that she too, resembles me. And I kind of think so too. :)

Me at four years old 

Kennedy at 3 years old 

Genes are pretty fun.
I am excited to see how they play out in our third child ...but don't worry folks, that's a little ways down the road ;))

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