19 June 2012

Mara's Baptism and Birthday

We had Mara baptized this past Sunday, Father's Day.
As with Kennedy's baptism, I can't seem to get it together enough to get my kids baptized before they are a year!
It was a busy, chaotic day but we had a great time hosting a lot of family for a post-baptism BBQ after Mass.
Mara's real birthday is not until the 28th but it seemed silly to have another party in two weeks so we decided to celebrate her birthday along with her Baptism!

Mara wore the baptism dress that I wore THIRTY years ago!
My mom happened to come across it and I was so excited for her to wear it.
As you can see, it is a little snug on her... I was only a month old when I was baptized so squeezing her into it at almost a year was probably pushing it but I thought it looked so cute!

These are our "quick, snap a few photos as we run out the door to Mass 10 minutes late" photos!

We chose my Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Ray to be Mara's godparents.
When I think about the people in my life and who has been most present through my entire life, these two  always makes the top of the list. Aunt Jeanie is an amazing aunt who would do absolutely anything for me and since I have had kids, she has made such a great effort to know them and be a part of their lives. So it was an easy choice to choose both she and Uncle Ray to play this special role in Mara's life.

After the baptism, everyone came back to our house for a fun BBQ!
We sang Happy Birthday to Mara and let her attack her first cupcake.
I will post more on Mara's 1st birthday in the next couple of weeks... you can expect a sappy letter and her one year photo shoot! :)

 Baptism and birthday decor:

 Yeah, baby.  

We had such a fun day and loved celebrating both Father's Day and our very special baby girl.

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