07 August 2012

A Terrible Accident...

Our poor Kennedy hurt herself pretty badly this past weekend.
We are pretty sure that in the process of getting out of her bed (either sleep walking or to come into our room), she somehow tripped or fell over her bed rail and landed face first onto the edge of her nightstand!

At about 10:30 pm on Sunday night, Sean and I were woken up by screaming from her room.
She often has night terrors so it wasn't too alarming and Sean just went into her room to get her and put her in bed with us as we usually do. He didn't turn on any lights but did find her standing up in her room which was out of the ordinary. We just put her in bed with us thinking she would settle right down... she continued to cry  and so I finally pulled myself out of my sleepy state (feeling like mother of the year here, by the way!) and sat up to look at her. Even in the dark, I could see that she had something all over her mouth. My heart sank as I realized it was blood. I immediately ran into the bathroom with her and realized that yes, it was blood... everywhere. She had a cut underneath her lip but upon further inspection, I realized that her right front tooth was not only chipped but pushed forward. Her left front tooth and the one next to it had been noticeably pushed inwards. There was blood all over her gums.
She was sobbing and I started crying. Sean and I were so upset and didn't really know the extent of the injury so we made the decision to take her into the ER. Thank goodness Amy lives two houses down and was able to run up and stay with Mara.

We were so grateful to walk right into the ER and be seen. Kennedy was so scared and upset... it was truly heartbreaking. They checked her out and determined that there were no cuts that needed to be sutured but that we needed to take her to a pediatric dentist immediately the next morning for x-rays.

I was able to find a great one not far from our house and I took her in the next morning.
After an examination and two x-rays, the dentist said that one or two teeth MAY be fractured and need to be removed but he will need to check in a week once the swelling has gone down. Kennedy ROCKED IT at the dentist. She was such a trooper and so brave as she let the dentist look in her sore, sore mouth and let the nurses put the spacer in her mouth for x-rays. I was honestly so proud of her! Afterwards, we made a trip to Target where she got to pick out something special and she got a milkshake. She is only allowed to eat soft foods for at least the next week.

One of the saddest and hardest parts of this ordeal has been seeing her face so swollen and bruised.
Thankfully, by this evening... there was a noticeable decrease in the swelling. Yesterday it looked as if her face was literally uneven it was sooo swollen.

I can't stop thinking about the parents of chronically injured or sick children... I truly can't imagine the stress and anxiety they must feel on a daily basis. Seeing your child in such a bad state is just miserable.

But, our girl is, as I said, just a trooper and has been in good spirits for most of it!
The hardest thing for her is that she can't suck on her pacifier anymore (yes, she still had a paci!).
Bedtime has been super challenging as she is not only traumatized to sleep in her own bed but she is really grieving the loss of that pacifier. Soo I have been laying with her until she falls asleep the past two nights.

Here are a few photos she let me take this evening (they look bad... but I am tellin' ya... it was way worse yesterday, if you can imagine!). She insisted that I take a few photos with her too which is why those are included. :) We are hoping and praying for not only a quick recovery for our girl but also that she does not have to have any teeth pulled. I do not want her to have to go through that after everything else she has been through!


Mando and Tanna said...

Oh wow! Im so glad the little lady is ok Prita and Sean. What a scary thing to go through especially half asleep still. She is a trooper! Get well soon Kennedy :)

clare mckenna said...

YIKES! my mom told me the same thing happened to riley when he was little. Get soon Kennedy!

clare mckenna said...

Yikes! the same thing happened to Riley when he was littler. Get soon Kennedy!:)