14 August 2012

Mud-Pies and Play Pals

I am reaping the benefits of having two kids and by that I mean... I am getting SO. MUCH. DONE.
They are playing so well together right now! It's fantastic. Probably short-lived, but nonetheless, FANTASTIC.

And I need a little fantastic right now since Kennedy is only sporadically taking naps so most days I have zero time to myself. Oy.

In other news, we are thrilled with how quickly Kennedy's face and teeth have healed since her accident.
You can see the difference in this photo below.
The bruising is almost completely gone and the teeth that were knocked a bit loose have tightened up.
We will just keep an eye on them because the dentist says it is likely that one or all of the three teeth injured could die. Crossing our fingers this doesn't happen and she can keep her little baby teeth until the appropriate time for her to lose them!

1 comment:

Kate said...

Love the matching sister suits! Sean just might be having a heart attack right now about that mud pie on his grass :) And so happy that Kennedy's recovery is going so well!