10 June 2013

Little Surprises

Last Wednesday, we made a whirlwind four day trip to Montana for my cousin's wedding (more to come on that later this week!). The day after the wedding, on our way home, we stopped to see my dad and two of my aunts who live in the Kalispell, MT area.

I had not seen my dad in three years and he had not yet met Mara so it was a kind of a big deal.
Here are a few photos from our visit...

 Me with two of my dad's sisters.. my Aunt Lynn and Aunt Jerri... such wonderful and fun ladies! 

Kennedy fell head over heels in love with Jerri's dog Cee Cee... 

We're not sure how Cee Cee felt about Kennedy... :)

This was also the first time my dad had ever met my little sister. 
They had a great time playing soccer together. 

Please disregard Mara's mad scientist hair. 

This is the first photo I have had taken with BOTH of my parents in close to thirty years. 
Sometimes life hands you little surprises. 

And no, they did not plan to wear the same shirt. 
I think God just planned for that because he knew we needed a little comic relief. ;)

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Kate said...

Oh, I love this. And I love Mara's mad scientist hair :)