19 June 2013

Father's Day 2013

We spent a fun Father's day afternoon at Sean's dad and stepmom's house.
It was a beautiful afternoon so I took advantage and did some "daddy and me" photos with the dads and their kiddos.

I have said it before and I have no problem saying it again.... my girls really lucked out in the dad department. Everyday he demonstrates to them (and me!) what a good, honest, funny and loving man truly IS. The ladies in this house sure do love him. Happy Father's Day, Sean!!! X0X0

These kiddos LOVE their papa. We are missing Liam and Elsie as they were with their dad for the afternoon... looking forward to taking another group photo soon so we can get all eight grandkids in the photo.

No family resemblance here huh? ;)

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Kate said...

Speaking of no family resemblance (!), Kim and her son look so alike too!