07 July 2013

Dear Mara ... On Your 2nd Birthday

Dear Mara-Bug,
I always say it but man, time flies! Two years, already?!?! I would be pretty sad at how fast time is going if I didn't enjoy you so much at this age! You are just a joy... as you have been since the moment you were born. You continue to be our little happy-go-lucky, laid-back girl. I always say "that's our Mara... just along for the ride.... so happy to be here." And it's true.
You are so good-natured... and loving... truly my little snuggle-bug.

A few things I really want to remember about you at this age.

 - How you snuggle with me in bed in the mornings. You wake up between 6-6:30 everyday and I bring you in bed with me for a little while. You don't like to just snuggle next to me... you literally like to lay on top of me. :) You lay right on my chest just like you did as a newborn. Sometimes you fall back to sleep but most of the time you just lay and sing little songs to yourself. Long after you are grown and on your own, these morning snuggles will stay near and dear to my heart.

- You are such a ham! We call you our little goofball. And no one thinks you are funnier than your sister. Lately, I will be in the kitchen or folding laundry or something and I will hear little giggles coming from the play room. I will find you and Kennedy in there just laughing hysterically to yourselves. Of course you have your moments of getting frustrated with each other but mostly, you just love each other. Little buddies, that is for certain.

- You are becoming quite a little talker - I would estimate that you know upwards of 250+ words? And you have started to put them together into little two or three word phrases such as "daddy come home," "daddy at work," "where's sissy?", etc.

- At your two month check-up, you weighed 22.8 lbs and were 32 inches in height. You are in the 10th percentile for weight and in the 15th percentile for height. Right around where your sister was at this age, I believe.

- Your hair is an unruly mess and I put in ponytails most days as we wait for it to grow out of this awkward phase. When it is down and in it's full glory, I always call you the mad scientist (see below for proof!).

- You love, love, love MUSIC. You love to sing songs...every night before bed, we rock in the chair for 15 minutes or so and we sing song after song after song. You never get tired of it and you know the words to a lot of these songs which is so cute. You also love books and puzzles.

- Favorite Foods: ummmm..... EVERYTHING. No joke. You LOVE food. The other day you ate salmon and guacamole for lunch. Totally typical of a toddler, right? Your major favorites though are macaroni and cheese (you eat an average of 3 bowls if I make it... you are your mother's daughter), yogurt, fruit (watermelon!), avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes. You and your sister are not difficult to feed that is for sure... I am actually super grateful for this fact!

Pretending to talk on the phone with a paper plate... as I said... a ham

- You still nap once a day (usually for about an hour and a half to two hours). You are a routine girl... sound asleep in bed by 8 pm and up about 6:30ish. A few photos I snapped of you after your nap the other day... they really capture how stinkin' happy you are!!

I won't babble on and on but to put it simply............. you are a pleasure and a joy and you add so very much to our little family. I love watching you grow and change and I can't wait to see what you will do in this life. I think it is going to be so wonderful and special. You are an amazing little lady... thanks for being my favorite second-born daughter. :) You make me oh so happy (OK... maybe I did babble on just a little.)

Happy 2nd  Birthday bug... Your mama loves you to pieces.

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