08 July 2013

Rocky and the Toothless Wonder

Anyone who knows me knows I am very accident prone.
Apparently my daughters are taking after me.

Last week, Mara fell off one of our bar stools while strapped into her portable high chair. Kennedy was playing peek-a-boo and accidentally knocked the entire bar stool over WITH Mara in it. Mara whacked her head on the hardwood floor leaving a nasty goose egg right in between her eyebrows. It was purple and huge and I was so upset that I immediately took her into our pediatrician. Fortunately, she did not have a concussion or anything, just a bad goose egg which turned into two black eyes. Here is a photo of her in the doctor's office. It breaks my heart to even look at it!

But as you can see, it is healing nicely and you can just see some faint bruising now.

Exactly 24 HOURS LATER... Kennedy got bonked in the mouth by her cousin Roderick. It was an accident... they were rolling on the ground laughing and he went to sit up and caught her in the chin with his head. Totally fluke deal but it knocked one of her bottom teeth loose and fractured the one next to it. SOOO... off we went again to the pediatric dentist. I have been to the pediatric dentist wayy too much... remember this?!?

Unfortunately, this wasn't such an easy fix and the dentist told me that her tooth had been broken down to the gum so we had to have it extracted. Ugh. It was terrible having to watch my little girl go through that. They gave her some nitrous to calm her down and of course they numbed her but she was so scared that it just broke my heart. At one point the hygienist was rubbing MY back because I was crying as they poked the needle into her gum to numb her.

Needless to say, it was a stressful few days.  But, Kennedy was remarkably brave through the whole thing and she now proudly walks around with her missing bottom tooth.

We also got a visit from the tooth fairy who generously left Kennedy three whole dollars since this was such a traumatic tooth loss :) Kennedy was a bit unsure of the tooth fairy concept so she insisted we write her a letter asking her to just leave her surprise downstairs like Santa. She did not like the idea of the tooth fairy actually coming into her room in the middle of the night. Can't blame her - it is kind of a creepy concept!

Crossing my fingers that we will be accident-free for a long while!

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