15 July 2013

Fourth of July Weekend - 2013

I always really love the fourth of July. Even though it is often cloudy around here, there is always a fun, festive feeling to it. This year, we went out to Anderson Island for four days over the fourth. We went with a whole crew of folks - the Williams', the Harvies', the Heimgartners' and an assortment of other family members. At one point, there were TEN kids under the age of five. Yowza!

Favorite memories: eating good food, listening to fun music, campfire and s'mores, cuddling up with Kennedy watching the fireworks, staying up late playing cards and laughing our butts off with the Williams' two nights in a row, walking the beach, early morning coffee, and taking the kids to the swimming hole.

It was a weekend to remember!! Now for my slew of photos... I apologize in advance :)

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