11 June 2013

Summer 2013 Kickoff / Robbie + Krista

The McKenna family officially began Summer 2013 with a ragin' road trip to Montana for my cousin Robbie's beautiful wedding! Robbie and Krista were married in gorgeous Big Fork, MT.

It was a whirlwind of a trip but I am so glad we went as it was wonderful to see so much of my family.
PLUS, Kennedy was the flower girl! Albeit, a non-participatory flower girl but nonetheless... a flower girl :)
Because she was in the wedding, we were invited to the rehearsal dinner. It was held at the Whitefish Lodge and it was gorgeous. Wish I had a few photos to share but I was extremely sporadic with my picture taking on this trip. I took all my photos with my phone or my little camera and only when I thought about it. It was kind of refreshing! We rode a bus to the rehearsal dinner ... here are a few snapshots on the ride there.

My cousin Reed and my Uncle Bill serving beers on the bus... only in Montana, people. Only in Montana.

the cute Heberly family! 

 A couple of cute photos as we walked around the cute town of Big Fork the next morning...

 And finally, an assortment of photos from the actual wedding.

The bride and groom... beautiful, beautiful couple!

This is (in a nutshell) how Kennedy felt about being flower girl:

Maybe they should have asked Mara to be flower girl... LOL

As the evening wore on, we did get a few smiles out of Kennedy :)

We have been wanting to get this picture for awhile... Heidi, Paige, my mom and Mara. They all resemble each other so much... true dark haired, bushy-browed beauties!!

Kennedy and great-aunt Sharon

my mom with almost all of her siblings... Uncle Tom couldn't make it

Mara had a great time with her cousin Drew (my cousin Reed's son).
They are only two months apart in age and they had so much fun chasing each other around (a.k.a Mara trying to undress Drew).

 And a few from the fun photo booth! (Click to Enlarge)

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Heidi said...

I loved the Montana wedding pics! Those were so fun to look at! Such a beautiful! xoxo