26 August 2014


Look at this kid.
Off to Kindergarten.... what's next? College?!?! :)
She had a great first day in Kindergarten and surprisingly, there were no tears
(from her or I!). I have spent the past few weeks mentally preparing for her to make this transition and for me to accept that I am in a different position than I expected on her first day of Kindergarten.
Though it is bittersweet to think she will now spend more time with other people than with me, I am also really excited for her to begin her school life.
I had such a great school experience... I hope she does too.  
I love you baby girl.

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Kate said...

Oh, the comment about spending more time with other people than with you broke my heart a little. Eek -- I hadn't thought of it that way :( You may have to walk me through this whole Kindergarten thing next year, as you'll be a pro!