14 July 2015

Aiden's Newborn Photos

The road to Aiden was a long one and I knew that if we ever made it to him, I wanted to have my favorite photographer, Jessica Hamlin, take our newborn photos. Obviously I could have just taken them myself but I just love her work and I wanted to be in some of them (well, sort of... being in photos 10 days after giving birth isn't the BEST feeling but I know I will appreciate them over time!).
I was thrilled with how these turned out and I know I will cherish them always.

Many months ago, I bought this little rainbow hat for our little rainbow baby.
I found the description below of what a rainbow baby is and I just loved it so much.
One of the reasons I wanted Jessica to do our photos is because she captures such gorgeous sibling images. She did not disappoint!
I adore these photos of my three babes as well as the ones of our family.

 With the prevalence of social media, things like baby announcements kind of seem unnecessary and may become obsolete over time but I personally love having something tangible to represent a certain period in time. So I decided to go ahead and do an announcement for Aiden and send it to close family and friends. I was so happy with how it turned out.
 It will be a great keepsake item for his baby book!

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Kate said...

I loved getting my announcement in the mail -- and it's proudly displayed on my desk! Such beautiful pictures of one of my very favorite families :)