12 July 2015

Mara is Four!

Miss Mara LeeAnn turned four years old at the end of last month!
I can't believe how fast four years has gone.
We had Mara's party at Superjump Party Zone which was so much fun!
The party was mostly made up of family (cousins), and a few close friends and preschool buddies.
She had so much fun and it was great to celebrate HER for the day.
Mara still has the sweetest soul around but age three also brought about some SASS and some SPUNK (as age three typically does!). Mara is, overall, our easy going girl though. She is content to do most things and just goes with the flow. She likes My Little Ponies and loves the T.V. show Caillou. She loves to play outside and she is a good sport about letting her sister boss her around. This year, Mara started ballet and really enjoys it. She loves macaroni and cheese and our dog, Cooper. Mara is a great cuddler and is always ready for a hug and a snuggle. Mara knows all of her colors and can just about count to 20. She has learned a few letters and can spell her name. She is very shy in the classroom setting and I look forward to seeing her continue to blossom in the 4's class at her new preschool this fall.
She brightens our lives more than I could ever articulate and we love her so very much.
Happy birthday, sweet girl!

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