31 August 2011

Mara at Two Months

Our littlest lady is two months old already! I have mixed emotions about this two-month mark. Part of me thinks "Whew, I am so glad we are past the new-newborn phase," and the other part of me is wishing time would stand still because it really does go so fast and she is so darn little and sweet that I kind of want to freeze these moments. Since this isn't possible, I find myself staring at her a bit longer, holding her a bit more and much to my surprise, sleeping with her in my bed. She sleeps most of the night in her bassinet but after that 5 a.m.ish feeding, she and I snuggle up together and sleep until big sister runs in and starts our day. Kennedy rarely slept with me because a) I was freaked out she would suffocate in a pillow or something and b) I was adamant that our kids sleep in their own beds. Ultimately, I do still want this but I have realized that, in the big picture of life, who really cares if your kid sleeps with you for awhile?
Now for a few stats. At Mara's two-month check-up, she weighed 9 lbs, 14 oz (25th percentile) and is 21.5 inches long (25th percentile). Ironically, Kennedy was the exact same weight and length at her two-month check-up!

Mara is a fantastic baby. I mean, she's kind of a rock star. I am officially one of those annoying moms that can truthfully say things like "my baby slept through the night at eight weeks." I used to hate it when people said that to me after Kennedy was born. But, when you are blessed with a baby that can do this, you kind of feel the need to shout it from the rooftops because a good nights sleep does a body... and a mind.. good. Ok, enough of my bragging!

A few more details about our sweet girl:
*** she loves to smile but is quite stingy with them once the camera is out...
*** she strongly resembles my side of the family- particularly through the eyes.
*** she has lost some hair on the top but it is quickly growing back in with the same dark color... I am feeling excited about the possibility that she will keep this dark hair. I think it is so cute!
*** Mara drinks 4-5 ounces about every three hours. She has a tendency to get on a "snacking" schedule and I find myself feeding her 2 oz every hour and a half. This can be frustrating but it seems to be getting better. Both my girls seem to be born "snackers!"
*** she loves the swing!
*** her acid reflux has improved a lot over the past month and we don't even need to stay up and hold her upright after feedings anymore (one of the reasons I am glad to be past the new-newborn phase!)
*** has a fussy time each evening (right about the time daddy gets home, unfortunately).

And as it turns out (though I never really doubted this)... you really do love the second baby as much as the first. The only difference is a higher level of confidence as a mom and the increased awareness of how fleeting this time is. I will blink once and she will be a toddler. But for now, she is just a smiling, newly- cooing two-month old and we love her to pieces!

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Amy said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!! I could not agree with you more throughout this entire post. PS- Mara is your twin. Too precious.