26 August 2011

A Marti Weekend

The Marti family came to visit last weekend and as always, we have a blast with them. The Harvie's hung out with us a lot as well so there were seven kids under the age of 5 running around - it was wonderfully chaotic! The kids played so well together and seeing them run around laughing and playing reminded me so much of my own childhood.

This photo makes me laugh and really shows how far we have come- great to see these fantastic guys with their babies. They are truly wonderful fathers and husbands. Funny to think that ten years ago, when I met them, we were all carefree and partying our way through college!

Bill and Sarah have BIG and very HAPPY babies and their youngest, Karter, is no exception! He is 8 months old and weighs 23 lbs! I was highly entertained by these photos of Karter and Mara (who is gaining weight like crazy but is still so petite next to this sweet boy!).

On Saturday, Sean's cousin Blake (one of my favorites in the McKenna family, I must add!) came over and cooked us breakfast- he loves to cook and is fabulous at it! Thanks Blake!

Hailey and Kennedy had a great time playing together. Hailey was so patient and attentive to Kennedy... sweet, sweet girl. Can't believe she starts kindergarten this fall!

We are already looking forward to our next Marti weekend!

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