16 September 2011

Kennedy at 2 1/2...

is definitely something to remember! I can accurately describe her (at this age) in one (okay, two) sentences: Approximately 80% of the time I think she is an absolute joy and I truly can't get enough of her. The other 20% of the time, I have to fight the urge to stomp my feet, swear, and pull out my own hair (and possibly hers too!). This is because she is discovering autonomy and she wants to enforce it at all times. If she isn't in control, chaos and major temper tantrums ensue. She constantly tells me "I do it myself mom." She wants to carry her own cereal bowl. She wants to get into her car seat by herself. She wants to buckle herself into her car seat by herself. She wants to pick out her own clothes. She wants to put on her own clothes. She wants to open her own fruit snacks. She wants to put on her own shoes. She absolutely insists on brushing her own teeth and pushing the rails up on her big girl bed at bedtime. She wants to help make dinner. She wants to change Mara's diaper and apply the desitin to Mara's butt (and on her own butt while she is at it). The list, quite literally, goes on. and on. and on.

Needless to say, we have had some frustrating days but I have decided to just embrace this need for autonomy and give her lots of choices so that she feels like she is in control even when she isn't. Therefore, questions like "Do you want raisin bran or kix for breakfast?" and "Do you want to wear the jean skirt or the shorts?" can often be heard in our house these days. If I don't give choices then the temper tantrums start and the likelihood that mommy might lose her mind increases.

Now for the things that I love and adore about our girl at this age. Because there are many.

 How she has embraced the big sister role.
She definitely digs her little sis. And with the exception of a few moments of jealousy ( with demands like "put that baby DOWN..." ), she has adjusted really well to our new addition. And, she is a great little helper too. She loves getting Mara's diaper, giving her the pacifier and covering her face with a blanket ... no, I am not kidding. While she is a great helper, she can't be trusted alone with her little sis quite yet! As Mara is becoming more interactive with smiles and cooing, Kennedy loves to stick her face right on Mara's and talk to her as loudly as she possibly can. True to form as the younger sibling, Mara takes it all in stride...

How she creates her own fun and can entertain herself with any number of activities.
Our mission to limit t.v. time seems to be paying off.  She may watch a half-hour show in the morning or evening but other than that, she is pretty disinterested in the "boob tube" and we love it! Instead, she loves to read, color, play with her train set, and play outside. She also loves bags of any kind - purses, Trader Joe bags, Ziploc bags- it doesn't matter. Everyday, I find miscellaneous bags... in miscellaneous places ... with miscellaneous items in them.

Language and Conversation
I am amazed at how Kennedy's language and conversational skills have developed over the past six months. She is truly a little chatter-box! She always was but now we can really understand her! Not only is her chatter never-ending, it is also quite loud. Not surprising really... she is a McKenna, after all! ;)
 Kennedy's hair has turned into a beautiful strawberry-blond color.

In summary, our sweet Kennedy Renee is just a joy. We love her spunk, her smarts, her contagious laugh and her sweet voice. We love her sense of humor and how she loves so many people so wholeheartedly. She is a true blessing not only to us but to all her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends!

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