26 September 2011

Pre-school Pals

Kennedy and Roderick started co-op pre-school today. Twice a week, for two hours, they will attend the same cooperative pre-school. I am so excited for them to do this- I think it will be so great. They will participate in circle time, singing, art, snack time and recess.

Amy and I will each help out in the classroom one day a week. On our "non-work" day, one of us will keep the babies. It has worked out perfectly!

Our sweet, sweet girl on her first day of pre-school. This picture actually makes me teary because it is so darn cute and she looks like such a little girl.

Yes, they did have fun- though you would never know it from this picture! Getting these two to smile and look at the camera is quite challenging!

Kennedy and her teacher, Ms. Melissa (or "Miss-a-Lissa", as she pronounces it!)

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