25 November 2011

Gobble Gobble 2011

We hosted Thanksgiving this year and it was so fun.
Family and good food... nothing better... kind of a cliche... but still so true.

And thanks to a segment on the Today Show, I made this delicious Ciabatta stuffing.
Seriously, so good.

Amy made this turkey appetizer. I know. Love it.

Top 10 Things I am Thanksful for in 2011:
1. The obvious: two healthy, happy daughters. And a pretty amazing husband.
2. My mom and my sister.
3. A beautiful fall full of crisp, sunny days.
4. Food... I like cooking and I really like eating.
5. Confidence. I will need this as I start my own business in 2011. I am enormously thankful for the people in my life who have given me confidence and allowed me to believe that I can do something new. There are many of you... you know who you are... thank you.
6. Baby belly laughs and lip-smacking (a new development).
7. Dear friends. Really dear friends. Again, you know who you are.
8. Coffee. I love you.
9. Sleep. Anything is possible with a good nights sleep.
10. Modern Family. A hilarious t.v. show that not only makes me laugh out loud but makes me stop cleaning, cooking, blogging, editing or facebooking. It makes me sit on the couch and hold hands with my husband... every Wednesday.

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