29 November 2011

White Balance.

In addition to my new camera equiptment, I purchased Adobe Lightroom 3 as my photo editing program.
I haven't learned this much in a long time.
Yesterday I sat at Starbucks and read a photography book with my coffee. Totally reminiscent of college.

I digress.
Anyway, on Thanksgiving I took two photos that were not exposed well. I shot them inside, without a flash and the lights in our kitchen have an ugly orangy hue in photos. This week I learned how to control white balance using Lightroom 3. Look at the difference! I am amazed. 

Turkey before:

Turkey after... cool huh? Much better color quality. 
Table setting before:

Table setting after editing:

I am sure you just fell asleep reading this post.
Boring to most, I know.... but exciting for me, the geeky photographer. :)

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