01 November 2011

Goodbye Lunch

Sean said goodbye to the family biz this week.
As I mentioned previously, he started working part-time for GMD Development last June. He is now full-time with that company so his days with Farrell Group are over.
We all met for a goodbye lunch last week at Stanley and Seaforts.... it was a delicious and fun lunch with everyone wishing Sean well on his new endeavors!

These photos did not turn out that great... I am attempting to shoot in RAW (more on the reason for this later) so they turned out a bit grainy.

the whole group

Sean and one of his bosses (a.k.a Uncle Greg!)

Sean's other boss (grandma LeeAnn) and her brother, Bill

Debbie and Tanna (both work in the office)

Kelcey (also a Farrell Group office employee) and Kennedy

cousin Robert (a.k.a Rober Dobs)

Amy and the kids were also able to join us which was fun...

Sean's new job is stressful and tiring but he seems to be liking it overall.
As with everything Sean does, he does it 110% ... this is one of the things I love most about him although it can be a blessing and a curse when he works 12 hour days and I think I might lose my mind at home with the munchkins. :) 

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