01 November 2011

Too Cute to Spook... 2011

I just love that phrase Too Cute to Spook... I feel the need to use it every Halloween.

Halloween was a day-long event for us this year. Kennedy and Roderick had a Halloween-themed morning at preschool.
I overdid it a bit on the photos (which I won't bore you with) but here are a few of my favorites...

It was our snack day at school so Kennedy and I made spider crackers... actually I made them and Kennedy ate pretzels and watched.
She loves a good opportunity to snack.  

The fun continued into the night.
Our friendly neighbors, the Harvie's, came over for dinner and then Amy, Harv and Sean took Kennedy and Roderick trick or treating.
I opted to stay home with the babies and pass out candy to our many trick or treaters.
Both babies fell asleep quickly and I enjoyed a mostly quiet house... and a large glass of red wine... for over an hour.
I have really come to value quiet time since becoming a stay-at-home mama. :)

 Poor Mara... I realized this morning that there was a hat that went with her pumpkin costume. Whoops.

Halloween is really fun with kids.
Kennedy was so excited about her costume.
It makes me so excited for Christmas... conversations about Santa Clause and Christmas trees have already begun...

Happy Haunting everyone!

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