05 November 2012

Asado Dinner

Kennedy's preschool has an annual auction every year to raise money for the school.
Sean's grandma couldn't attend the auction last year but she wanted to donate money and support the school so she purchased a dinner for eight and gave it to us to use. Yes... she is an amazing lady!!!

So we finally picked a date and enjoyed a super fun evening, courtesy of grandma LeeAnn!

I am not going to lie... these pictures are terrible. They were taken at the END of the night, if you can't tell :)
They make me laugh though so I am posting them anyways!

For starters, the restaurant got my name wrong and printed the menu as being for PRIPA Mckenna.
We all had a nice laugh off of that!! :)

 Hi Sean. LOL
Could the vein on my forehead be any BIGGER??

Making their debut appearance on the blog... our neighbors and great new friends, Timm and Lindsay!!

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