19 November 2012

School Photos

Every Wednesday, the girls do a program called "Mom's Day Out" at one of the local churches.
I'm not gonna lie... I LOVE this program.
I get THREE entire hours to MYSELF while they are there! It's pretty freaking amazing.

I generally use the time to work on photography editing but I also use it if I need to schedule a dentist appointment, grocery shop, etc.

It is a win-win for me and the girls as Kennedy gets one extra day of a "preschool environment" and Mara enjoys playing with other little tots.

These are their "school photos," taken at Mom's Day Out - I love these pictures! Yes, I am a professional photographer who loves a candid, natural, outdoor shot but c'mon... there is definitely something to be said for the school photo. So fun. So cute.

And yes... they ARE sisters... despite the fact that they look quite different :)

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