13 November 2012

My Thankfuls ... 2012

I always know it is November when I start to see the daily "thankfuls" circulate around Facebook and blogs. I can never keep up on submitting my own daily Facebook posts but here is a quick and dirty list of my Thankfuls for 2012. :)

1. My husband
Eleven years together and I am happy to report we are still going strong.
Life is busy, the kids are busy, we are busy and yet, he is still my favorite person.
We make a good team, he and I.

2. My Girls
The love and pride I feel for my two little ladies is so much more than I could ever accurately portray in words. If you are a mom... or a dad... you get it. Putting it simply... I am just oh so very thankful for them.

3. My Family
My mom, my sis, my cousins, my aunts... all of my extended family.
We are a big group, scattered all over the place and yet when we see each other it feels so comfortable and right. I am lucky to have so many stars in my sky.

5. Health
After being diagnosed with a treatable and yet serious thyroid condition this year, I am feeling extremely grateful for my very healthy body. I have several dear friends who are facing health crisis's within their own families... I do not take a healthy body for granted.

6. Girlfriends
I have some pretty phenomenal women in my life, I must say.
I am so lucky to have a whole handful of fantastic women to call upon if I need advice on marriage, parenting, and life. I can also call on them if I just simply need a glass of wine or a good laugh. They are all honest, amazing, and true. In addition, they are amazing mothers and I am just so proud to call them my friends.

7. Starbucks
I love a good latte. That's all.

8. Books
While I still consider myself to be an avid reader, I do not have the time to devour book after book after book like I used to. Having said that, I almost always have a book on my nightstand and whether I get through one page or twenty before bed... I love to read.

9. A Little Business called Junebug Photography
My little business is BUSY.
I am proud of it. I am proud to call it mine.
And I even have a little money in the bank to show for it!:)
Here's to 2013.

10. Quiet Time
Kennedy has mostly given up daily naps but I have gotten her on a fairly consistent habit of having "quiet time" each afternoon while Mara naps.  It only lasts about an hour... but oh mylanta... I love that hour.

These are my big (and not so big!) Thankfuls for 2012... I could add a whole lot more but you get the gist.
It is a blessed life I live, indeed.

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