13 November 2013

Ferry Field Trip

Mara's co-op preschool (and Kennedy's former preschool) is just a fantastic place.
I love the teachers, parents and kids so much!
When the girls are all grown up, I KNOW that I will look back on our days at the Co-Op with such fondness.... I feel really fortunate for the time I had there with Kennedy and now with Mara.

Mara's preschool class took a field trip to Vashon Island yesterday.
It was happy it fell on a day when Kennedy didn't have Pre-K so she could come along with us, too!

There was a very "Pacific NW" feel to our trip.
It was a misty, almost-rainy day and both of the girls wore their beanie hats.
I do really love this great state of ours!

After our ferry ride, we did a nature walk at Point Defiance.
Ms. Melissa brought her parachute and the kids had fun bouncing leaves in the parachute and then collecting various fall foliage in their bags.

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