03 November 2013

Halloween Festivities

It has been a busy Fall, to say the least!
I feel so behind on our family blog... trying to catch up today so I am combining all of the recent Halloween festivities we have been busy with! Most of these photos are unedited snapshots. I have come to the realization that though I am a professional photographer, I can't always take professional photos of our family at every event - it is too time consuming both AT the event and AFTER. ;)

Last week, Sarah had a fun Halloween party for the kids (and a few of the adults dressed up too!).
It was so cute - pizza, cookie decorating, a piñata and games for the kids.
They loved it and it was fun for the parents to relax and visit, too!

Next up is Mara's preschool class Halloween party!

And finally, photos from our annual evening of pumpkin carving with Amy, Harv and the kids!
We were trying to remember how many years we have been doing this - we think this might be year five or six?!?!

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