12 November 2013

Mama's 50th Birthday Party!

I have been meaning to blog about this super fun event for two months now and I am finally making myself sit down and do it!!

My lovely mom turned 50 in September and Sean and I hosted an (if I do say so myself) AWESOME party for her! I am a firm believer that everyone deserves a great party at some point in their life and I decided that 50 was my mom's year. And if you know me, you know I adore my mama so it was a pleasure to celebrate her.

We lucked out with a gorgeous day mid-September that felt like the tail end of summer with a hint of Fall. Three of my mom's siblings were able to make it for the party along with a handful of nieces, nephews and many, many friends (old and new). Dave (mom's boyfriend) and I worked together to create a beautiful slideshow of photos. We set it to music and it turned out so great!

Most of these photos were taken by my mom's cousin, Julie. Thank GOODNESS she stepped in and took some photos because I got so busy visiting with everyone (and drinking wine) that I almost forgot to photograph any of it. ;)

Dave and my mom....
I like him very much.
He makes HER happy which makes ME very happy!

Mom and Becky ... dear, dear friends for forty years.
She flew up from California for the party.
Becky turned fifty just two days before mom did.
Becky is one of my favorite people on earth.
One of the funniest, most kind-hearted people you could ever meet.
Some of my most fond memories include her. 

Another dear and special person in my mom's life.... her cousin, Julie who flew in from Alaska.
Julie is also a true-blue family member and friend.
She and my mom have loads of memories and fun times together. 

A few detail shots...

From left: Aunt Laura, Uncle Joe (mom's brother), mom, Uncle Ralph, Aunt Sharon (mom's sister)

Kennedy and granna Nay

Mom with two of her close work friends... Kim and Lois

Heidi and I with my cousin Danielle and her boyfriend Kyle

Aunt Sharon with Shelley, Madison and Paige

my cousins Patrick and Seth and Seth's wife, Erin 

Mom's dear friend Judi and her husband, Gary
Aunt Jeanie, Jesse and Alicia

It was a special night for a special lady.
We love you mom!!

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