02 January 2014

Four Christmases {2013}

Sean and I felt like Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon (very loosely based of course) in the movie Four Christmases.
As always, our Christmas season is extremely hectic as we are so surrounded by lots of family.
Here is my annual slew of photos documenting our busy celebrations.
Some of these were shot with my phone, some with my point and shoot and some with my nice camera. Some are edited, some are not but here they are nonetheless...
Memories preserved... CHECK.
Great a seat, a large cup of coffee and here we GO!!!!
Christmas #1: The Christmas Eve Celebration
We have established a fun Christmas Eve celebration of Mass and dinner at my mom's.
Christmas just does not feel authentic unless Mass is a part of it which is funny because to be honest, we are not great about going to Mass the rest of the year. But I really do love Christmas Eve mass and especially the Children's Mass as the kids get to sit up front and watch other kids act out the Nativity. My mom always makes a great dinner, then we pour our wine and exchange gifts.
 John still joins us for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day which I love. 
Super proud of the amicable divorce between my mom and John and so happy that my little sis still gets to hang out with both of her parents.
Such a great example of two people putting their child first.

Christmas #2: Christmas Day Celebration
Christmas day began with the four of us opening gifts and hanging out.
I hosted a brunch later that morning (but didn't manage to get any photos).
The Harvie's, Heimgartner's and my mom, John and Rachael all came over for which was super fun.
Then everyone went home and we all took a little nap and then drove out to Sean's dad and step mom's house for a great dinner. The majority of that side of the family was there so there were about 30 of us which was crazy and hectic but so fun and reminiscent of my family Christmases in Montana at my grandparents house.
Santa brought the girls a dollhouse and a wooden cradle/high chair set.
Big hits! 

Christmas Day Evening 

Christmas #3: Camano Island Celebration
Two days after Christmas, we drove to Camano to celebrate with Sean's mom and siblings up there.
It was a lot of fun and great to all be together!

 Christmas #4: Mt. Vernon Celebration
Four days after Christmas, we drove to Mt. Vernon where my Aunt Jeanie and Uncle Ray hosted a great dinner for those of us from my family that live in Washington (the majority of our extended family lives in Montana). Another fun day... more great food and another day of my pants getting tighter and tighter. Seriously, I have really eaten and drank my way through this holiday season. The gym is seriously calling my name! ;)

 Aunt Jeanie made this centerpiece and I thought it was so cute.
Definitely pintrest worthy!

 Two of my favorite guys (and cousins!), Seth and Pat.

Kennedy holding our former dog, Ellie.
The beauty of giving a pet away to family... you still get to see it... and then leave it there.;)

And that's a WRAP, FOLKS!! Another great Christmas!
Feeling blessed to have made so many great memories this year.
Until next year!


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