22 January 2014

Sledding or BUST... (It was a bust)

Sean, Harv and I took Kennedy and Roderick up to Snoqualmie last weekend to go tubing on their super fun tubing hill. Sarah, Kevin and Wyatt met us too.
We did not bring Mara and McKenna because we thought they would be too little.
We quickly realized they would have been the better two kids to bring as these two little buggers are NOT risk-takers.
They each went down one time and refused to do it again.
Instead, they rolled around in the snow and whined a lot.
Finally, we got some hot chocolate and drove home.
I on the other hand, thought tubing was a blast.
Next trip: no kids, just adults... and a flask. ;)
  This pic pretty much sums up Kennedy's tubing experience.


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Kate said...

I love it -- particularly the rolling around in the snow and whining part. Ha!