21 January 2014

New Mamas

Two great friends of mine, Margaret and Melissa, both welcomed their first babies in December. Baby Jack was born to Margaret in early December and baby Parker was born to Melissa at the end of December. I had both of them over for lunch a couple of weeks ago. Melissa lives in Seattle so we don't see her as often and I thought it would be nice for she and Margaret to talk babies. I remember when I had Kennedy, I loved talking to the few friends I had who also had new babies. It was nice to talk with someone who was going through the same thing (and who was equally as sleep deprived as I was!).

We had a really nice afternoon and I got a nice little baby fix too! ;)
Jack and Parker are both beautiful and precious babies! Congrats to both of my beautiful friends! Welcome to this crazy and wonderful thing called Motherhood.

P.s. Margaret and Danny asked me to do their newborn photos shortly after Jack was born. They are some of my most favorite images to date... you can check them out here.

 My girls LOVE playing with dolls. They spend hours and hours playing house with their dolls. And often, Kennedy makes Mara be the baby and that game can span hours, as well. So you can only imagine their excitement at the opportunity to hold REAL babies. Pretty sure it was the topic of discussion for about three days afterwards.

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