30 March 2015

Hello Third Trimester... Goodbye Feet!

My third trimester has finally arrived ... woo-hoo! 
The final stretch (and the longest stretch) has begun... I am hoping it flies by quickly (riiighhhtt!!!) :) 

I have been horrible about photographing my belly this pregnancy... the girls have way more photos from my pregnancies which each of them. Oh well! I am contemplating having some maternity photos taken in the next few weeks... not because I have any desire to get in front of the camera but because they might be special for my kiddos to look back on. And, this is likely my last pregnancy so it might be fun to do that. Stay tuned! 

I am getting so excited to meet this baby... to hold him and see what he looks like.  We have decided to name him Aiden Sean which we both really love and I think it will fit him perfectly. It means "warm little fire" which I am certain he will be. And having his dad's name as his middle name is so special as his dad is very excited for him and I know these two are going to be pretty tight. 

It's been a long pregnancy. And a much different pregnancy emotionally than any of my others. I am ready to be done... ready to move forward from this phase. I am ready to complete this journey. To put to rest these last two pregnancies. I want to love on this little guy and enjoy my girls and in a way, return to my life. This past year has been an unbelievable mixture of feeling - heartbreak, disbelief, disappointment, chronic sadness, mild depression at times and mixed in with all of that I have felt hopeful and excited and ready to move forward. Hard to fully explain but in the end... it's been a long road and I just pray I have a safe and healthy end to my pregnancy and that with little fanfare or complication, I will get to meet this little one. 

Physically, its been a completely uncomplicated pregnancy which I am grateful for. Other than feeling like the main character in Alien, there isn't too much to report. All the usual pregnancy stuff - normal weight gain, back pain (thank you Sean for the almost nightly back rubs!!!), a little swelling...  and lots of baby movement which I always love and am kind of enamored by. This little guy is riding LOW in my belly, much lower than the girls so I pee about 30 times a day which is pretty neat. ;) Pregnancy is a trip that's for sure but every time, I do feel grateful to experience it and I am going to attempt to just patiently sit tight for the next two months while we wait for this little goose to finish cooking! 

 29 weeks (7 months) along

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