23 March 2015

Life with Cooper

Cooper has been with us now for close to three months!
We have grown to really love him and Sean and I both agree, he is a great dog! It has definitely taken me these past two months to get used to him and the new responsibilities he brings but I feel like I am getting into a good routine with him now. Bringing a dog into the family isn't entirely unlike bringing a baby into the family - shakes things up a bit but then you find your new normal. I am glad we decided to get him before the baby came as I think he will be in a really great place training-wise by June. He is 7 months old now and has gained 10 lbs since we got him. He's a big boy but he recently got groomed and we were surprised at how small he looks with all of that hair shaved off. Maybe he won't be as big as we thought.... we'll see! :)

Having said all of that, he is definitely a dog... or more specifically, a puppy. Therefore, he has a few frustrating behaviors that we are working to correct and patiently (or more realistically, impatiently waiting for him to outgrow!).

Things we love about Coop:
- he is great with the girls, sooo patient especially with Mara who loves to lay all over him
- he has a very sweet disposition, loves to be petted, play fetch and tug of war with Sean
- love, love, LOVES other dogs ... he goes to a doggy daycare once or twice a week for a few hours so he can get some social dog interaction (plus it gives me a break and wears him out nicely!)
- he is 95% potty-trained... he rarely has accidents now. Woo-hoo!

Things we DON'T love about Coop:
- he is slowly but surely destroying our yard
- he loves to "counter surf"... when we aren't looking he puts his paws up on the counter and eats whatever (and I mean whatever) may be sitting there
- he chronically eats weird stuff - socks, crayons, hair bands, etc. So far we have been lucky in that he has digested all of these weird items but I anticipate some sort of a surgery in his future. Sean has already signed us up for pet insurance... LOL.

We have been working with a trainer the past few months and she has given us some helpful tips to correct some of the less favorable Cooper qualities including the use of a remote collar for the yard. We will be trying that out this week - stay tuned! :)

A few recent photos of Cooper and the girls!

Before his haircut 
 After his haircut... looking 10 lbs thinner and two years younger. 
Wish that happened to me when I got a haircut! 

 Pretty typical interaction between Cooper and Max. Cooper loves Max and wants to play. 
Max thinks Cooper is hugely annoying and far, far "beneath him" in social stature. Typical cat.  

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