23 March 2015

Mara's Special Day and 3's Class Photos

Mara got to celebrate her "special day" a few weeks ago in her 3's preschool class.
Ms. Rona, her teacher, gave her a special necklace and book and all of her friends made her a special picture which Ms. Rona put in a little book for her. We brought a special snack to share and it was a fun morning. Typically special days coincide with the kids' birthdays but since she has a summer birthday, we just scheduled hers in March. Kennedy loved her special day in Ms. Rona's class too and still wears her necklace sometimes. I just love our preschool, we have made such great memories there!

Things I want to remember about Mara in the 3's class:
- she is pretty shy, not very vocal in class
- follows directions well
- when she is the center of attention or nervous, she sticks her tongue out (see photos below) :)
- loves all of her friends in class but particularly Mckenna and Adam
- like her sister, she spends a lot of time at the snack table

The 3's class also had a recent visit from the Browns Point Fire Department. They come every year and the kids always love it (the moms do too... firefighters are typically pretty nice to look at, ha!). 
And lastly, I wanted to include a few photos from the class Valentine's Party back in February! 

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